Our current research interests focus on three topics:

(1) the rational design, synthesis and implementation of RNA based nano-objects for gene expression regulation,

(2) applications of conjugated oligoelectrolytes for cell-membranes imaging,

(3) RNA-protein interactions, in particular tRNA and protein in theoretical and experimental studies.

Nucleic acids are of the main target in our research because of their remarkable programmable properties, biocompatibility and biodegradability, specific recognition potential towards variety of different molecules.

Additionally our group maintains constant interest in using scanning probe microscopy and its application for biomaterials analysis. Imaging RNA nano-scaffolds, DNA-protein interaction, nucleic acids bio-films, lipid bilayers and polymer micelles using spectroscopic techniques are only few examples of projects we are involved.

More recently we focus on spectroscopic properties and visualization of conjugated oligoelectrolyte (COE) located in cell membranes using fluorescent and confocal imaging. For instance phenylenevinylene based COEs are efficient fluorescent staining agents for mammalian cell imaging and at the same time express low toxicity.

Scientific Interest

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